Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The best of the black knee-highs

Topshop £125, Zara £139, ASOS £55, Office £120

As the nights are getting colder and darker, and the days shorter and frostier, what could make any girl happier than a pair of black suede over the knee boots to keep her toasty? Or maybe that's just me... Although judging from the amount of beautiful black suede boots I've seen cropping up all over the high street in the past few weeks, I'd say I'm not the only one who's majorly coveting some of these beauties! 

So, here are my top 4 picks from the high street:
Firstly, the Topshop ones coming in at a not so purse-friendly £125. Although these boots are fairly expensive, the beautiful snug fit and the gorgeous quality suede make them a worthwhile investment! My only worry is the heel could maybe be a little too high for everyday wear even for me so cost-per-wear might not be so great! I do still think they're the most beautiful to look at though haha

Second up it's the Zara offering, coming in at a complete budget-breaking £139!!! Although these are rather pricey, you always get what you pay for with Zara so I reckon they'll last you a fair few winters and they're probably better in cost-per-wear as the heels much more daytime friendly than the Topshop ones!

On the bottom left, the ASOS ones probably have the tightest and most flattering fit for girls with chicken legs like myself, and at an amazing £55 I am completely sold! (It is worth noting though that although these are the cheapest, they're also the only imitation suede which could effect their longevity/quality!) 

Lastly, with a slightly different look, there's the gorgeous Office boots, coming in at £120, I can see why these beautiful boots are priced over the one hundred pound mark as they're stunning to look at and beautiful on the legs! The heel, which is so great and yet so impractical for everyday wear means I probably wouldn't go for these ones if you're looking for something more casual but I just had to include them as they're definitely the prettiest and chicest option! 

If these boots aren't for you, then I'd recommend looking in New Look for a cheaper option and Kurt Geiger for a truly beautiful but truly expensive option!

Let me know what boots you've been loving, and if you have any more footwear recommendations for the winter months

Shakira Jasmin xxx


  1. Hey, I'm following on Bloglovin! Great post & I'm loving knee high boots at the moment! I love the Topshop ones! x


  2. Oh I love the Zara one, soo perfect!

  3. I love over the knee boots, the zara ones are particularity lovely! x


    1. me too, yeah those ones are really nice!x

  4. Replies
    1. they seem to be a lot of peoples favourite, they are beautiful!x

  5. Lovely selection, the one from Office are TDF! Oh btw! welcome to the world of fashion and beauty bloggers. Nice to meet you Shakira.

    1. I agree, just not sure how practical they would be! Aw thank you, nice to meet you too!xxx

  6. I'm looking into having a pair of my knee high black boots re-sized as they're too large around the calves, however if nobody can I'll be looking for another pair - so I'll be sure to save this post 'just in case' for some style inspiration! ;) Have a lovely weekend!



    1. I'm having the same problem at the moment, it's difficult to find ones that fit your calves perfectly! Glad you liked it x